Steam Fired Power Plants

Janikin-Rooke have established themselves in the Thermal Power Plant business as recruiters of choice for large scale international turnkey projects. We are regularly asked to provide personnel to local and European projects where expatriate specialists are needed to head site teams or lead engineering groups.

Fossil Fuelled Power Plants:

Coal Fired

Janikin-Rooke have an extensive reference list of the Coal Fired Power Stations we have operated on and helped recruit for. Our projects include both soft (lignite) and hard (black coal) coal plants across locations such as Bulgaria, Germany, Holland, Hungary etc.

Oil Fired
We have found our direct involvement with Oil Fired power plants are predominantly in the Middle-East in locations such as Saudi Arabia. It is clear these locations have heavy or crude oil fuels available in large quantities. Research has shown these power plants to be comparatively environmentally friendly and a popular choice from an economic perspective due to advances in technology to integrate irrigation processes such as a water desalination function.

We have extensive experience recruiting for large scale international projects including Coal Fired Power Plants, Oil Fired Power Plants and Biomass Fired. As not all Power Plants are able to transform their heat into energy we have also grown to specialise in CHP (Combined heat and power) Plants as there are specifics skills relevant to these types of projects.