Renewable Power

Janikin Rooke have a Renewable Engineering desk dedicated to recruitment for International Renewable Energy projects. The main catalyst for this development is the increased success from the Environmental Division. Our Environmental division has been established for many years now meaning the Engineering focus of this division has been well established long before many of our competitors.

The desk works closely with both our financial and carbon practices which, due to the cross over with the renewable energy and clean-tech space, allows us to utilise synergies and evaluate the full breadth of the market to deliver individuals with a proven track record of creating value.

Although this is a comparatively new development in the business we have already consulted on over thirty international Renewable Energy projects including Wind Turbine, Solar, Biomass and Wave/Water energy generation projects. The positive developments of working closely with our HEP recruitment team is that many of our Renewable Energy clients who are responsible for large HEP projects are also exploring new projects in the Renewable Energy sector. We have a large, global database of specialist engineers meaning we can offer an incredibly diverse range of Renewable sector personnel to our existing clients in this space.