Oil & Gas Field Development

Janikin Rooke are involved in the full scope of oil & gas engineering activity, including the Oil/Gas Field Development phase.

We appreciate having excellent client relationships with companies who are operating at this stage of the process means that the continuation of services is a natural progressive flow. Large Oil clients have noticed our attention to detail including coverage of  Geosciences, Reservoir, Production and Drilling:

►2D/3D Seismic interpretation and Mapping
►Integration of Well and Seismic Data
►Delineation of Reservoir Geometry
►Integration of Geology with Reservoir Properties

nReservoir Engineering:

►Recoverable Reserve Estimation
►Pressure Maintenance
►Infill Drilling Program Design (Economic perspective)

►Artificial Lift Systems optimization
►Wellbore Efficiency (Maintenance)


►Onshore Drilling
►Offshore drilling (Link)
►HP / HT Drilling
►Multi-lateral Drilling

We are very confident in providing specialists within each area given our strong track record in the development process outlined above.