Hydro Electric Power (HEP)

Janikin Rooke works with the world’s largest hydro power companies on a range of international projects in locations such as China (Three Georges Dam), Brazil, Russia ect. We have been asked to assist on a range of HEP project including large, small and Pumped-Storage Power plants for one client in particular and various involvements with similar organisations.

Wave Power:
Capturing the energy generated from the ocean surface wave motion. It is though this may yield more energy than from tides. This type of technology is targeted towards countries with large coastlines and rough sea conditions as it offers the possibility of generating electricity in utility volumes.

Tidal Stream Power:
This new technology draws energy from dense water streams which fuels a single generator. There are promising prototypes in various locations world wide such as Devon, Hammerfest and even New York City.

Tidal Power:

Is focussing on tidal power generation in areas with a large tidal range where water can be trapped and released through the tidal barrage turning turbines. This technology has been successful in various countries for a long time, some include Canada, Russia and France.

We understand the importance of regular communications in building business relationships and this has enabled us to stay fully up-to-date with all the new and innovative projects within HEP such as Wave Power, Tidal Power and Tidal Steam Power that our clients are developing.