Gas Fired Power Plants

Gas Fired power plants have become very popular for electricity generation  due to the cleaner process compared to other solutions such as Coal Fired or Nuclear power plants. Over the years we’ve built a very credible database of candidates in the gas fired power plant space. We’re confident our system will deliver results enabling us to accept urgent mandates where speed of delivery is paramount.

Combined Cycle (CCPP)
Janikin-Rooke has served on a wide variety of Gas fired solutions including specialist activity on particular modules in Coal Fired projects with Steam Generation units or Centralized Gas Turbine solutions. In the more recent history technology has advanced to combine both a gas turbine and steam unit in one unit. These CCGT units can dramatically increase thermal efficiency up to between 50-60%.

Co-Generation (CHP)
As not all Power Plants are able to transform their heat into energy we have also grown to specialise in CHP (Combined heat and power) projects. CHP projects are reliable, clean and efficient power generation solutions as it is using heat that would in other circumstances be discarded during the thermal energy producing process. Very popular in the current climate due to the huge reduction in greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, mercury and sulphur dioxide. Compared to conventional power generation plants, the CHP solution offers an average increased 25% efficiency bringing the overall efficiency of the project to circa 75%.

Simple Cycle
Flexibility is offered through these types of projects. They are usually, comparatively smaller scale to other industrial power stations but offer other benefits that aren’t easily available. These power plants can be switched on and off within minutes of the command being issued. This offers a dynamic approach to providing electricity during peak demand. Other benefits are the smaller capital investment required compared to other Thermal Power plants (Coal fired, Oil fired, and Nuclear). Also the construction time is reduce dramatically to a few months.