Carbon Markets

Janikin Rooke centralises its focus on the three flexible mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol: Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Joint Implementation (JI), and Emissions Trading (ET). If there is any link with these mechanisms then we are interested. With significant crossover of Carbon into other Energy Commodities, we also frequently deal with roles in energy such as trading, research short-term analysis, origination etc.

More recently Janikin Rooke have been mandated by firms involved in Carbon management and energy efficiency such as the forthcoming UK Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC). Positions that we are focusing on generally sit within Carbon Management firms, and are across from sales / business development, consultancy, risk management, research, analytics, management.
A cross section of our client base includes:
•   & nbsp;Financial Institutions (buy and sell side)
•    Brokerage / Advisory
•    Private Equity / Venture Capital
•    Energy / Utility
•    Trading / Energy Trading houses
•    Certification Bureaus (DOEs)
•    Carbon Funds
•    Specialist Consultancies
•    Global / Strategy Consultancies
•    Research Boutique
•    Charity / NGO

If you are looking for a challenging career change in the fastest growing industry in the world, or if you are looking to add  please call +44 (0) 207 936 9097 and ask  the Carbon desk.