How We Do It

We are a specialist boutique using a mixture of different techniques from both the search and contingent sectors. As such, we see ourselves as a hybrid consultancy using headhunting and proactive search as well as leveraging our existing contacts and database and advertising presence to complete both contingent hires and searches. Therefore the difference between our search offering and contingent offering is one of detail and value added services such as competitor analysis, market mapping as well as having dedicated resourcers working only on specific searches.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a complete tailored service to our clients and mandates are only worked by senior consultants who are the primary point of contact for both line management and HR and will manage the process on behalf of the client from start to finish.

Each practitioner focuses on particular niche sectors of the market and it is a combination of their recruitment skills, commitment to delivery and maket knowledge that allows us to be the recruiter of choice and trust for so many leaders in their fields.

Our basic process

Initially meet with all relevant decision makers to fully understand your business and if necessary clarify and develop the specifics of the role and how it fits in with the broader company strategy in order to present the opportunity effectively. We will develop a thorough understanding of cultural fit and requirements for soft skills.

We will agree on a strategy, timescales and milestones.

We leverage our existing extensive network of contacts to reference individuals and conduct initial competency based interviews. If required by our clients we can administer psychometric testing. We also interview for motivations and drive, skills and professional and personal values.

Our candidate due diligence procedure includes gathering and analysis of market feedback and perception, reference checking and if required the use of third party companies to authenticate education and qualifications.

We manage the offer and closing process and work closely with candidate and client throughout the resignation process to minimise the impact of counter-offers and negative sell by the target firm. We also offer a post-placement service.